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30 July 2014

This Friday 01/8 the premier of Dive Deeper a blend between my music and the choreography of Keren Rosenberg together with her crafted dancers at Vondelpark Openluchttheater.

7 July 2014

This Thursday together with Keren Rosenberg and her talented dancers we will be presenting our work in progress at the Melkweg Amsterdam! It will be a beautiful blend between my music and her choreography!

28 June 2014

Tonight at Dansmakers Amsterdam Keren Rosenberg is presenting our work in progress with her massive group of dancers and my music

28 March 2014

My music was performed at the SEA residence Sensing your Environment through Art residency program in Crete, Greece.
Dancer: Sara de Santis
Video Mapping: Emanuel Andel

12 October 2013

ENKA @ Paradiso Amsterdam

4 October 2012

TEDx Academy Athens video uses music of ENKA

Video by Edit59

19 May 2012

ENKA @ The lovest event at the modern gallery of Ljubljana Moderna galerija.

19 April 2012

ENKA @ Pure Magnetic 4

6 February 2012

6 April 2012

ENKA @ Het Nutshuis, Den Haag

6 February 2012

ENKA "The Ilectronica Project"

Shot and edited by Panos Kostouros / edit59

19 JANUARY 2012

ENKA @ Roodkapje, Rotterdam

30 DECEMBER 2011

ENKA on Audition Records

29 DECEMBER 2011

IEM Podcast


Official release of Reconfigure EP on Bigo & Twigetti

13 NOVEMBER 2011

ENKA wins Microseq remix competition

Winning track

More info at Bigo & Twigetti


ENKA wins Microseq remix competition

6 AUGUST 2011

ENKA @ Panama Club, Amsterdam

16 JULY 2011

ENKA @ 330live, Den Haag


22 MAY 2011

ENKA @ Poortgebouw, Rotterdam

17 FEB 2011

ENKA @ Studio Loos short video peek

17 FEB 2011

ENKA @ Studio Loos, Den Haag

29 OCT 2010

ENKA @ B32, Maastricht

In between reality and the ilussion of reality, Ingo Binder transforms B32 Artspice into a specious forest. 3 projectors for one sensation. An instant plantation of visual memories supported acoustically by the live acts of Microseq and ENKA and a special sound set by Ingo Binder. Join a 5hour expedition in a forest without rain, but filled with unexpected sonic situation

12 JUN 2010

ENKA @ B.A.D. Foundation, Rotterdam